Fees for legal services may be agreed in several ways, in particular:

  • Hourly rate
  • Lump sum for a particular service
  • Share of success in the case (in litigations)

If no agreed otherwise with the client, hourly rate shall apply.

Hourly rate

My basic hourly rate ranges from CZK 1,500 to CZK 2,000 per hour according to the complexity and difficulty of the matter.

Introductory consultation will be charged at CZK 1,500 per hour unless agreed otherwise. Thereafter, we will agree on the hourly rate within the aforementioned range for further services.

Lump sum

Certain legal services may be provided for an in advance agreed lump sum instead of an hourly rate. This concerns in particular services where the scope of the work can be simply estimated in advance. Illustrative examples of such prices are indicated in a table under the link below.

Share of success in the case

May be used in specific cases upon prior individual agreement with the client, in particular in court disputes. It may also be combined with reduced hourly rate.